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John Guest

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Overview of JOHN GUEST.

Established in the early 1960’s, specializing in precision engineering and toolmaking, the company has expanded to be the world’s largest manufacturer of fittings, tube and other fluid system products.

With a precision engineering background and an experienced and highly trained work force, John Guest is uniquely placed to manufacture to the most stringent international standards.

The company’s products have quality and performance approvals in the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan, Germany and other industrial countries. They are manufactured exclusively in FDA approved materials and relevant products are KIWA, WRAS, NSF51 and NSF61 listed and accepted under the German SK Approvals (SK266 : 001). The company has been ISO Registered since 1989.

Many original equipment manufacturers incorporate John Guest fittings into their own products. Ease and speed of assembly, reliability and compactness being the most important benefits.