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Compressor hardware store pvt ltd  is a  Indian Marketing arm of JORC Industrial BV of the Netherlands, leaders in air compressor condensate management products. Including compressor condensate Drain Valves, Timer, Air Savers, Air Leak, Dectors & Oil Water Seperators.

JORC has transformed into a condensate management specialist from being the worlds largest selling Drain Valve producers and is recognized world wide by all manufacturers/designers/direct users of compressed air as the do facto standard for Air Compressor condensate discharge and management. JORC is ISO 9002 certified and its products have been granted CE, UL, CSA, VDE & EMC approvals.

Today, compressed air finds tremendous use in industry all kinds of industry. Plastics, Engineering, Metal forming, Automotive Glass, fertilizer, Cement, Paper, Sugar, Chemicals, Refineries, Power Stations, Steel, Aerated soft drink bottling, drug and Phamaceuticals, Textiles, Electronics, Distilleries, etc.  The air used in industry needs to be dry or water free as otherwise, metallic parts and steel pipelines would corrode and rust. If rust would get carried from and through the pipelines into pneumatic equipment like instrumentation control  it is obvious to cause problems and could lead to stoppage of work.

Take the case of an air compressor, air from the compressor goes to an after cooler where condensation of water vapor takes place and wherefrom one can discharge the water through the use of valves. Air then goes to a receiver where from again water needs to be ejected and all receivers have at their bottom parts, valves provided for the same purpose.

From receivers, air may pass through air dryers, where again water needs to be discharged.

Inspite of air drying, when air travels through the plant (you can see compressed air pipelines pointed green or light blue at higher levels in most organised industry), there is again condensation of water and hence we find droplegs with valves at the end to discharge water.

Automatic Drain Valves or Drain Traps can be used to discharge the condensate periodically without manual interference.
Float drains were the most commonly used devices but which had perpetual failures because of the quality of condensate-think oily fluid, mixed with rust and other contaminants. They were always stuck and remained either open or shut for long periods before manual intervention set the situation right temporarily. When they got stuck in an open position, there was tremendous loss of air and hence energy and in the shut position, water in a compressed from became a problem.

New generation drains came in the form of electronic timer drains and level sensing drains and now the latest state of the art volumetric sensing drains.

Among the three categories, level sensor based drains have proven to be unreliable because sensors foul up due to the oil and rust and again manual intervention is needed.

Electronic timer based drains continue to be considered adequate and a better option because one can set the cycle time and forget the operation.

Quite obviously volumetric sensing is the best option, but as yet slightly expensive.

JORC produces the best and most reliable electronic drains in the world. It also continues to be the largest producer of electronic drains in the world, catering to all applications one can think of.

Electronic timer drains are not new to India and the concept is well accepted by industry. The advantage with JORC valves is that we have technically a far far superior product more reliable, accurate, functional, very small and light compared to the huge and heavy models available in the country and with much higher flexibility to ensure better control and no loss of air. The other amazing advantage is that JORC offers a far superior and incomparable product range at cheaper and better prices to the customer